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The California Stock Market Simulation is an interactive learning experience for students in grades 5 through 12 and college/adult teams.

Formerly the California State University, East Bay, Stock Market Simulation, it has been used in California classrooms for over 30 years to motivate students and encourage an interest in economics, basic mathematics, online technology and current events.

Students make decisions requiring economic reasoning, mathematical analysis, and computer literacy. Investments made by each team require students to develop their ability to find and use information, communicate that information clearly and support conclusions logically and persuasively.

Student teams receive $100,000 in computer money to invest in stocks and mutual funds over a 10-week period. And they may borrow up to 50% of their equity to buy stocks “on margin.”

They can purchase any stock (valued at $5 or more) or mutual fund listed on the New York, American, or NASDAQ exchanges. A broker's commission and interest on margin accounts will be charged, and interest is earned on cash positions.

We provide weekly updates on team rankings and portfolio values.

The teams with the largest portfolio values (based on real world prices) receive prizes at the end of the 10-week simulation.

Two 10-week simulations take place each year. One begins the first Monday in October, and the other begins the last Monday in February.

To set up a personal telephone consultation please contact californiasms@gmail.com or call 925-212-3419.

California Stock Market Simulation
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